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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

GLÜCKSKIND | Farbenfrohe Babymode | Unvergleichliche Qualität | Designed in Salzburg |

Es freut uns riesig, dass du es auf unsere Seite geschafft hast !

Wir haben monatelang an unserer 1. Kollektion gearbeitet .... und jetzt sind wir überglücklich, dir bald unsere farbenfrohe Premium Babybekleidung anbieten zu können.

Glückskind ist entstanden aus dem Frust einer Mutter, die keine wirklich bequemen, praktischen und hochqualitativen Kleider für Ihr geliebtes Baby finden konnte: Alles nur Baumwolle und schnödes Massenmotiv.

Mit Glückskind versuchen wir einen Beitrag zu leisten, das zu ändern und deinem Baby das Allerbeste zu geben:
Absolute Premium Materialien: Superfeine Merinowolle und Maulbeerseide - Luxus Pur für zarte Babyhaut !

Schöne Farben und individuelle, fröhliche Motive designed in Salzburg

Ein gutes Gefühl: Unsere Materialien und Produktion sind biologisch und sozial gut verträglich mit fairen Löhnen - Öko Tex Klasse 1 und GOTS

Danke, das du Glückskind eine Chance gibst - dein Baby wird es dir danken ! 

Dein Glückskind Team

Friday, November 22, 2013

Portugal - Amsterdam - London / weekend-trips

Back in Europe - next stop: Fontainebleau!

We will spend the next months in beautiful Fontainebleau, in the south of Paris. Max will continue his studies and I will dedicate myself to the french language ;-) c'est magnifique!

Summer 2013 - Chile

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

South Vietnam, May 2013

agimax's Vietnam album on Photobucket

The second period out of five at INSEAD is already over and we spent the break in the south of Vietnam.

 After two days exploring bustling Ho Chi Minh with an exciting Vespa food-tour, the shocking war museum, the amusing Reunification Palace, many beautiful temples and other hidden gems of the city, we escaped to lovely Mui Ne, a tiny beach town with a wonderful hotel, atmospheric beach clubs, many Russian tourist, tasty food, terrific sand dunes and amazing landscapes.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sipadan Island, Borneo 23-27 February 2013

Great dive trip to Sipadan Island with lots of giant turtles, big reef sharks, octopus, swarms of barracuda and jack fish and myriads of fish...

agimax's Sipadan Island album on Photobucket

Friday, February 1, 2013

Thaipusam Festival, Singapore 2013

Thaipusam is a highly symbolic Hindu festival celebrated by Singapore’s Tamil community. It is an annual procession by Hindu devotees seeking blessings, fulfilling vows and offering thanks. Celebrated in honour of Lord Subrahmanya (also known as Lord Murugan), who represents virtue, youth and power to Hindus and is the destroyer of evil, it is held during the full moon in the 10th Tamil month, called Thai, which falls in mid-January each year.

In Singapore, the Thaipusam ceremony starts in the early hours of the morning where devotees fulfill their vows with a 4.5 km walk from Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple along Serangoon Road to Sri Thendayuthapani Temple on Tank Road. The first batches of devotees usually carry milk pots and wooden Kavadis. A Kavadi consists of two semicircular pieces of wood or steel which are attached to a cross structure that can be balanced on the shoulders of a devotee. It is often decorated with flowers, palm leaves and peacock feathers. The milk they have been carrying is then offered to Lord Subrahmanya at the Sri Thendayuthapani Temple. Some devotees also pierce their tongues with skewers and carry a garlanded wooden arch across their shoulders. Devotees carrying spiked Kavadis, which require elaborate preparations, leave the temple in the later part of the morning and continue till night. The festival is not just an exclusively Indian affair; several Chinese devotees and people of other races also come to fulfill their vows on this day. 

The festival is a visual spectacle and it often brings traffic in the city centre to a standstill, with a colourful procession full of chanting and dizzying rhythms of Indian drums. In preparation for carrying a Kavadi, a devotee has to prepare himself spiritually. For a period of about a month, the devotee must live a life of abstinence whilst maintaining a strict vegetarian diet. It is believed that only when the mind is free of material wants and the body free from physical pleasures that a devotee can undertake the sacred task without feeling any pain. The devotees are normally accompanied by friends and family members who cheer and offer support, usually in the form of prayers and chants. Witness the sacred ritual of Thaipusam when in Singapore, a true act of faith.

agimax's Thaipusam Festival 2013 album on Photobucket

Sunday, May 20, 2012

New York City - GC Challenger Final

giants smurfs, weed beggars, bicycle taxis... NYC 2012
Piano play at Washington Park

GlobaliZers discussing the heart of the core of the problem

GlobaliZers @ work

GlobaliZers @ dine

GlobaliZers @ walk in Central Park
GlobaliZers @ The River Cafe at Brooklyn Bridge

Arnold Schwarzenegger @ Planet Hollywood (at least his hand print)